The Brass Tack

Let's get down to it.

Out we go into the wild blue yonder!

Posted by srconstantin on July 13, 2009

I have what is tactfully referred to as a ready pen. Really, it’s a bit of a vice. Throughout the day I’m opening Word documents to rant and muse and normally delete it all afterwards. I used to have a blog, very focused on economic policy, which I shut down because I had a lot of other stuff going on. But I have the writing bug, and message boards and long emails are not going to satisfy it for long. This is a shamelessly unprofessional blog. I’m a math student in real life; my “real world” is about spectral analysis and sparse matrices and taking exams and trying to get into grad school. This blog is going to be everything else. Economics will worm its way in everywhere, of course, but also plain old politics, and geekery, and feminism, and banjos, and tentacles.

Why “Brass Tack”? It’s taken from Mary McCarthy’s great novel The Group, which is eerily current for me today – young women, educated at a fancy East Coast college, graduating into the Great Depression to find their ideals and pretensions muddled by real life. One of the characters, the proto-nerdgirl Helena, was nicknamed “The Brass Tack” in the Vassar yearbook because she always said “Let’s get down to brass tacks.” I’m all for the head-on approach, so I thought this was as good a name as any.


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