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Interview with Judith Butler

Posted by srconstantin on July 13, 2009

A friend who’s much more immersed in the world of feminism/queer theory/genderstuff than I am brought up Judith Butler a while back, and in my ignorance I went to Youtube and found a great long-form interview with her from a French documentary.
The ideas must be old hat to a lot of people but they were electric to me: that we all “fail” at gender to some extent (no woman completely manages idealized femininity, and that’s a good thing), and that we shouldn’t go looking for some essential “real” self that we’d be if only society didn’t get in the way, because we are partly created by society. Anyhow, it’s a pleasure to hear her talk.

The only odd thing is the constant recurrence of what sounds like Bruch’s Kol Nidrei in the soundtrack. We get it, she’s a Jew. Oh, those crazy French.


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