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Hothouse conservatives

Posted by srconstantin on August 4, 2009

Friend of the blog, classmate, and fearless historian Emily (whose blog comes up as the first Google result for the search term “worthless drivel,” although it assuredly isn’t) has been booted out of the conservative Young America Foundation’s conference, which she intended to live-blog. As she commented:

Mattera explained that the problem was that I’m a Campus Progress intern, and that since I’ve been liveblogging the conference all morning, I wouldn’t be allowed in, since blogging isn’t allowed at YAF’s conference (despite the fact that attendees have been tweeting about the conference all day). I told Mattera that struck me as bizarre, and a little bit like censorship. He suggested that I tell this to my “friends in the White House, and maybe they’ll pass a law to make us let you in.” Mattara is, apparently, unaware of the fact that it is Congress, not the White House that passes laws. […]

Mattera laughed at me, and then replied, “Goodbye—oh wait, here, have an Obama fist bump.” I refused his proffered fist, and he added, “Why don’t you move to Canada?” He seemed to think this suggestion was hilarious.

Liberal conferences, like Campus Progress’s, are generally open to all, regardless of ideology. Apparently, though, the YAF would crumble at the first blog post from Emily’s mighty left-wing pen.

It’s a little thing, but it’s not totally isolated, in my opinion. I’m friends with a number of college conservatives, quite nice in general, but they have an antagonistic attitude towards the “mainstream,” as though they have to carve out sheltered niches to protect themselves from anti-conservative bigotry. They often sound aggrieved. Maybe, to some extent, they are, being a minority both in colleges and in policy/journalism circles, but it’s also partly self-perpetuated. That clubbishness, that us-against-the-world spirit, I think makes it hard for them to communicate (especially with young people) and hard to adapt to changes in society.

Insufficient contact with the less-zealous, internet-surfing youth is what leads to absurdities like the main organization against gay marriage choosing the acronym NOM, which makes most right-thinking people think of adorable hamsters.


One Response to “Hothouse conservatives”

  1. Emily said

    Right. The conservatives at our campus have a really persistent persecution complex, I’ve noted, and I can’t help but think it’s an intentional ploy for support. Americans love an underdog.

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